Fireball Unveils 990 HP Camaro For $90K at SEMA


The horsepower wars are once again upon us, with manufactures rolling 650+ horsepower models out on the regular. And while horsepower figures are skyrocketing, so are prices. For example, to take home a Hellcat today you’re going to be laying down at least $70,000. Well, that was until Fireball Camaro announced that they would be offering a 720 horsepower sixth-gen Camaro for just $50,000; absolutely annihilating the Hellcat in both acceleration and bang-for-the-buck in the process.

That’s a tough act to follow but Fireball Camaro has done it again with this: the Fireball 900. But before we get into the nitty gritty details of how this sixth-gen throws down nearly 1,000 horsepower, lets talk about the price. Fireball is asking only $90,000 to send you home with enough horsepower to put all but the most elite hypercars on notice. That is less than $100 per horsepower—a deal that you aren’t going to find anywhere else.


The downside? The car has to be purchased through Eskridge Chevrolet out of Guthrie, Oklahoma. But we were feeling like a scenic trip to the midwest anyway. Now, back to business. To put all of those ponies into perspective, you couldn’t even buy a decently optioned C7 Z06 for the kind of money that you would spend on a 900—and they both offer Magnetic Ride Control, so we don’t think you’ll mind.

“We knew SEMA was coming up and we really wanted to debut something for 2017,” said Charles Harrison Sr., owner of Fireball Camaro. “This started as an aspirational model but we’re going to offer it. It will be more than enough for 99 percent of people.”


This particular model is equipped with a TR6060 6-speed manual transmission, though they offer models with any powertrain combination—as long as it’s a V8. In order to get the car to produce the mind-bending amounts of power, it has been fitted with an F-1A ProCharger—paired with a two-core, air-to-air intercooler—shoving 12 pounds of boost down the LT1’s throat. A Race Valve vents pressurized atmosphere when the throttle body slams shut.

A custom bumpstick from Comp Cams switches up the stock valves’ timing events, allowing more pressurized atmosphere into the combustion chamber and giving the car a nasty little chop. An MSD Atomic Airforce intake manifold feeds the stock casting heads that have been worked over with a little CNC porting. As with most high performance LT engines these days, the variable valve timing and Active Fuel Management have been sacrificed to the speed gods.


The injection pump from a Z06 was conscripted to ensure that the mill would be properly fed on it’s journey to the horsepower heavens. Chromoly pushrods, along with PAC valvesprings, keep the valvetrain in line. Kooks long-tube headers whisk away spent exhaust gases and feed a stainless steel exhaust system.

All of the go-fast goodies amount to 990 horsepower at the crank and 827 horsepower at the wheels—more than enough to get yourself in trouble out on the street. Anymore power and you would basically be walking away from the dealer with an all-out racecar.

“It’s possible to go higher with the horsepower but at that point the car would be virtually only usable at the track,” Harrison said. “But we don’t think anyone will be disappointed with what this car is capable of.”

Aside from the powertrain modifications, the 900 is sporting a Fireball-specific hood that isn’t available anywhere else. The rear valance has been festooned with the Fireball nameplate and the familiar wheel-of-fire emblem adorns the front fenders. Custom built wheels wrap up the exterior modifications while Fireball emblems emblazon the stock head rests.

We feel safe in saying that there isn’t a better deal out there if you are looking to buy a 900 horsepower car right from the dealership. And there definitely isn’t a better deal if you want to show a Hellcat a pair of Camaro taillights, and, lets be honest, can you really put a price on that?


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