2012 Camaro To Be Available In “Imperial Blue Metallic”

Ever since the fifth generation of Camaro made its appearance, a resurgence of American muscle has exploded onto the scene over the last few years. With that “explosion” also came another to follow of “candy” car options like those that were offered for the muscle cars of yore.

One example of this is the Imperial Blue Metallic color that has re-appeared for the 2012 Camaro fleet. A dark, almost black shade of blue that so far has yielded favorable feedback from Camaro enthusiasts, the Imperial Blue Metallic option will be offered, while “Synergy Green” and “Red Jewel Tint” will be eliminated as available exterior color options. Thanks to our friends at Camaro5, we can point you to all the links for the 2012 Camaro lineup on Chevy’s website.

The Imperial Blue should be a massive hit with most Camaro enthusiasts, especially considering that Chevy has, for 2012, brought back the blistering ZL1 performance option that made the first generation of Camaros into a performance landmark. Combined with the Imperial Blue Metallic paint that gives the fifth-generation Camaro such a sinister look, the new ZL1 should be more than enough to compete against Ford and Shelby’s GT500, and the Imperial Blue should help it to appear a bit more stealthy while it’s doing it.

But no matter who wins the “Chevy versus Ford” battle for the 2012 model year, one thing can be said for sure: available color options from GM like “Rally Yellow” and “Imperial Blue Metallic” help us all to return to the true essence of muscle car “mayhem.” What this meant, at least at one point in our automotive history, was that a new car could be ordered from a dealership based on a creation that was born from the buyers’ imagination. This is not so much true anymore, but at least automakers like Chevy are making strides to preserve our automotive heritage.

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