3 LS-Powered Cars Make Matt Farah’s Best Of 2016 List

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Matt Farah, famous YouTuber and car enthusiast, may just have the funnest job on the face of the planet. Matt claims he drove and reviewed 250 cars this year, and in doing so, probably felt personally committed to his fan base to release a basic “Best Cars of the Year” (and some of the worst) list. We’re glad he did because, while we were not surprised, we were excited to see multiple of his favorites are actually LS-powered.

He came up with various categories to cover the wide variety of vehicles he’s driven, as the best car on the track probably isn’t the best daily driver, etc. So without further ado, lets check them out.

Flyin’ Miata ND

One of the cars has received quite a bit of coverage this year, but for good reasons– the 525 horsepower Flyin’ Miata LS3 ND. In short, this badass machine is one of the cleanest and most user-friendly swap builds in the market today… all while pushing nearly 3 times the horsepower of the car on which it is based. Sounds good to us. With that amount of power in that vehicle, Flyin’ Miata swaps are nothing short of incredible, but the price of 50k plus a donor Miata is a liiiiittle steep.

LS3 C5 Corvette

On the other hand, Matt’s “Best Sub-$20,000 Car” doesn’t hurt the checkbook quite as bad and still gives you that power we all love. Matt owns a ‘Vette, so he might be a little bias, but this C5 is pretty awesome, as it has an LS3, Z06 gearbox, HREs, upgraded suspension, many other mods, and pushes 550 horsepower. Matt says, “with good tires, [it] could easily be one of the fastest cars at any track day in the country, for under $20,000.”

LS3-Powered Jaguar XJ8L

And, last but certainly not least– the Lingenfelter LS3 and T56 Swapped Jaguar XJ8LThe owner, Karl Muth, opted for this classy-looking bodystyle “because he sometimes needs to drive clients around,” and the result– a 525 horsepower sleeper with a gated transmission, custom badging, Aston-Martin style cantilever door handles, custom burled dash and bezel around a RacePak gauge cluster, and a full-custom leather and suede interior with diamond-stitched seat inserts. If that isn’t the epitome of badass we don’t know what is.

For more information on these three LS-Powered builds and the rest of his list, you can check out Matt Farah’s full article here.

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