6th Gen Camaro To Be Built Alongside The Caddy CTS/ATS – In Detroit!

Retro? Modern? Smaller and lighter? We're very curious to see what GM has in store for the next gen of the iconic Camaro.

It’s hard to believe, but the current Camaro is over seven years old – tracing it’s roots back to 2006 when it was revealed at the International Auto Show. General Motors, no longer interested in keeping a car around more than five years or so in one configuration is currently developing the 6th-generation replacement. 

We’re pretty stoked. First we heard it’s not going to be retro, then we hear it is and that its just going to be smaller, faster, more powerful and more efficient. We also heard that it will share the Alpha platform with the current Cadillac ATS. Nothing’s official yet, but we do know that the next generation car is slated for production in 2015 or 2016.

In addition, we learned that it will be built alongside the CTS and ATS models at the Lansing plant in Michigan. That’s right, for the first time since 1992 the Camaro will be built right here in the good ol’ USA! We came by way of this information via GM’s Media site, and this further debunks at least one misinformed media outlet’s claim that General Motors is relocating all of it’s manufacturing facilities to China.

Furthermore, GM has just invested $185 million into it’s current Oshawa Assembly “flexible” facility to support the launch of the all-new XTS and 2014 Impala. In the meantime, General Motors has also bought back 200 million shares from the government at $27.50 per share – a 7.9% premium over the closing price of December 18th, 2012.

Hopefully this new information eliminates any doubt in one of America’s finest companies, and helps some of you sleep easier at night.

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Being into cars at a very early age, Rick has always preferred GM performance cars, and today's LS series engines just sealed the deal. When he's not busy running errands around town in his CTS-V, you can find him in the garage wrenching on his WS6 Trans Am, or at the local cruise spots in his Grand National.
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