Behind the Scenes: A Turbo 454 LSX-Powered Nissan GT-R

Donut Media has teamed up with motorsports photographer Larry Chen to look under the hood and behind the scenes of a LSX-powered Nissan GT-R featured in Battle Drift 2.

And while drifting isn’t the most popular motorsport among American domestic automotive fans, what is always popular is a gratuitous display of horsepower.

A continuing video series by Monster Energy, Battle Drift pits two drivers–Daigo Saito and Steve “Baggsy” Biagioni–against one another in drift-oriented shenanigans. It has a hefty bit of cheese, with the cockney official, the down by the dock setting and gritty environment. But as with most things, it’s what’s under the hood that is far more interesting.

Saito, in his 650 horsepower Lamborghini Murcielago, spars with Biagioni in the fast-paced short. The sights and sounds are the meat and potatoes here. And keen-eared enthusiasts will pick up the sound of the Nissan doesn’t quite fit the Japanese sports car.

Biagioni has swapped out the wildly popular heart of his Godzilla, the VR38DETT twin-turbocharged six-cylinder for a single turbocharged 1,400 horsepower LSX 454. It looks and sounds every bit as mean as you could expect, especially as the exhaust dumps out the side of the front bumper.

For those looking for a no nonsense style build approach with some unique touches and details, this GT-R build fits the condition. And if drifting isn’t your cup of tea, this video reaffirms how in demand and alluring LS-based swaps are across all platforms as it provides gobs of reliable, affordable horsepower.

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