“I’m high on cocaine!” howled Tony Deloach, after destroying a ’10 Camaro and running from the Columbus Mississippi Police. Everyone knows that drugs or booze don’t mix when it comes to driving, but to crash a new Camaro while driving on a suspended license and no proof of insurance while coked out of your friggin’ mind is awesomely moronic.

According to the The Columbus Packet, Deloach was driving in the early morning hours, when he lost control of the Camaro crashing it into a parked Kia Sportage, while making a turn. Following the destruction of both the Camaro and Kia, Deloach exited his car and knocked on a nearby door to call for help.

Tracy Doyle opened the door to find her ’99 Sportage destroyed and an apparently coked-out-of-his-gourd Deloach on her doorstep (not the way anyone wants to wake up). The impact of the Camaro was so forceful that the Kia’s rear end was separated from the body and pushed into a retaining wall.

Shortly after the 911 calls were made, Columbus Police arrived on the scene. Officer Vincent Samuel reached into the Camaro to retrieve Deloach’s insurance card, only to find a rolled up dollar bill on the console.

Once Officer Samuel questioned Deloach about the rolled bill, Deloach started running – not necessarily from the scene, but the murderous flaming spider-clowns that were purportedly attempting to eat his soul.

After a short footrace, Deloach was caught and admitted to officers that he was high on cocaine and yelled to the crowd (now surrounding the police cruisers) that he makes $27 dollars an hour.

Doing lines off the center console of new Camaro is bad idea and it makes it rather difficult to complete a turn while higher than a kite. If Deloach really makes $27 dollars an hour, he going to need a second or third job to afford the attorney fee’s after this stunt. May the Sportage and Camaro rest in peace.