For those of you that don’t know of Bob McDorman– well, you should. He was somewhat of a famous Corvette enthusiast with quite a list of experience; firstly being known for having worked at a Chevrolet dealer for 30 years, then being inducted into the Corvette Hall of Fame in 2012, having insane collector cars, and lastly… creating his very own car museum.

“I learned a long time ago that you can fake your attitude, you can fake enthusiasm but you can’t fake passion. I’ve got the passion.” – Bob McDorman

Bob’s collections varied over the years, as he had overall accumulated a plethora of low serial number, protoypes, and celebrity vehicles such as those of Alan Jackson, George Strait, Burt Reynolds, Dolly Parton, John Mellencamp, Johnny Carson and Mario Andretti. At times, his collections got so big that he actually had to have three additional auctions prior to this one.

The “Bob McDorman Corvette Museum” opened in 2014 in the small town of Canal Winchester, Ohio. It drew enthusiasts from all over and, at the time of Bob’s passing, held 38 cars total (with a whopping 22 of those being Corvettes). As announced on their Facebook page, all of the museum’s cars and memorabilia will be sold at Mecum’s Indianapolis auction held May 16th-20th.

There’s no doubt that the people taking home these 22 Corvettes are getting gems and each and every one of will go to other passionate owners that will carry on Bob McDorman’s legacy.