Boom! 2020 Mid-Engine Corvette Caught Damn Near NAKED.

Naked is relative here folks. Compared to what we’ve seen before, this thing is in the “buff.”

When it comes secret Corvettes though, prying eyes want to know.

Well, here you go.

The guys over at MotorAuthority posted these pics of what purportedly is a mid-engine Cadillac Corvette prototype. In the drive through at Mickey D’s no less.

We’ve seen different versions of the prototype C8 undergoing cold weather testing and roaring around a racetrack, but this is the first glimpse of it in civilian duty.

Belying it’s exotic layout, it looks docile in a strip mall setting. The wheels, alledgedy production ready, could be on a Malibu and looks like it could be a base, “luxury” version, all ready for production. It would also look right at home on at a Cadillac dealership….Just sayin’.

Call us old fashioned, but as a Corvette we’re a bit disappointed with the car’s looks. A bland byproduct of it’s cab forward, mid-engined layout, it’s tough to make the thing NOT look like a first-gen Acura NSX.

An exotic DOHC V-8 and some form of electrification–hybrid or inline electric motors–should quickly douse any comparisons of GM’s best and a 20 year old imitation Ferrari via Japan, but we’re hoping that Michael Simcoe, GM Design head honcho, adds some “heat” to the styling and ties in a strong family resemblance to big bro C7.

Look in upper right, there’s another one…

For now, this is a glimpse of the future GM supercar. How it will slot in the current Corvette lineup is still a mystery as is the life span of the C7, but for now, these are the best pics of what appears to be the radical, new 2020 C8 Corvette that should debut in Detroit in January, 2019.

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