We’ve been keeping an eye out for it for months now, an we’re happy to say that you can now build the ZL1 of your dreams on Chevy’s website with the Online ZL1 Customizer. It’s a great tool for those of you seriously considering buying a ZL1 to see what packages you’d like in your new car, and a fun way for the rest of us hopeless Hot Rod Dreamers to imagine what it would be like to actually get one for ourselves.

You can use the Online ZL1 Customizer to play with combinations of different packages, powertrain, exterior, interior and accessory options, and get a look at just how much they will affect your final MSRP. Want the suave Interior Sueded Microfiber Package? That will tack on an extra $500 to the purchase price. Not interested in shifting your own gears? Look to pay an extra $1,185 for the beefed up 6-Speed automatic transmission. Want to bump some serious tunes while you’re power sliding around your favorite road course? Then you should spring for the $1,065 Subwoofer Audio system.

Just for fun, we added all of the options, including the 6-Speed Auto transmission, and our final MSRP came out to $62,195. So what options would you add to your new ZL1 Super Camaro?