Cadillac Unveils New V Models At LA Auto Show

The international circuit of auto shows is officially upon us, staring with Dubai where the ZR1 showed its undisguised face for the first time. Next up, you guessed it, LA—our home turf. You may have seen our coverage of the ZR1’s North American reveal where the drop-top version was displayed for the first time and the car’s pricing was announced at $119,995 for the coupe and $123,995 for the rag top. And while the ZR1 may have been the show stopper this year, a new IMSA edition CTS-V and ATS-V quietly took the stage to much less adulation.

In case you are unaware, Cadillac recently clinched the 2017 IMSA Manufacturer, Driver, Team and Endurance Championships—quite a feat for the marque. In fact, 2017 was the first year Cadillac has ever won an endurance racing Manufacturer’s Championship, doing so with the DPi-V.R prototype which won 7 of the 10 endurance races on the schedule. In order to commemorate the significant accomplishment, Cadillac has commissioned several special edition CTS-Vs and ATS-Vs which now feature “Championship Edition” packages.

Carbon fiber can be found scattered throughout the exterior of the V as well including the front splitter, rear spoiler, hood vent, and rear diffuser.

The new special edition vehicles come optioned to the hilt but available in only two colors: Black Raven or Crystal White. Either way, both cars feature Cadillac V-Performance graphics on the hood and spoiler, Red Obsession side-view mirror caps, DPi-V.R graphics on the quarter windows, red Brembo brake calipers, and a bespoke set of forged, polish-fished V-Series wheels with Midnight Silver painted pockets.

Inside, the interiors of the Championship Edition Caddys are highlighted with Morello Red details and include a set of RECARO seats along with a plethora of carbon fiber touches throughout. Naturally, the car comes already equipped with a Performance Data Recorder with Cosworth Toolbox (a program which allows you to analyze your car’s data).

Under the hood you’ll still find the 640 horsepower LT4 routing power through an 8-speed automatic transmission for the CTS-V and a 464 horsepower, twin-turbo six pot in the ATS. Both cars are still underpinned by magnetic ride control suspension as with all standard Vs, though 2018 has brought along some improvements to the tuning. In essence, the package is merely aesthetic in nature and ticks all of the option boxes for you.

The graphic package is designed to mimic Cadillacs well-know racing livery.

The special edition V-Series ATS will start at $72,190 for the sedan and $74,390 for the coupe. If you want to step up to the big daddy V—and why wouldn’t you, other than those pesky thousands of dollars—it will set you back $105,730. And while that it a pretty penny, each V-Series vehicle comes with full tuition and accommodation for the two-day Cadillac V-Performance Academy hosted at Spring Mountain. Basically, they come with awesome driving lessons to make sure you can take advantage of all the car’s cool gadgetry and capabilities.

So, if you’ve got an extra 100K sitting around, and you really dig that Cadillac absolutely destroyed in IMSA this year, they’ve got the perfect way for you to celebrate and show everyone how big of a fan you really are. Otherwise you’ll have to sport a bland old V like the rest of the yacht club.

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