Camouflage Camaro ZL1 Makes Appearance at Michigan Fbody Show

The awaited arrival of the 2012 ZL1 Camaro has brought about many renditions and concepts of what the car may actually look like. As we get closer to the first production ZL1 rolling off the assembly line, prototypes are starting make appearances at car shows and events. Recently, CamaroZ28 forum members caught a good look at a camouflage ZL1 at the Michigan Fbody Show. Thanks to forum member Chris Frez for bringing us the news and pictures of the notable appearance.

While most people on the forum didn’t quite know for sure why the ZL1 showed up to the event in camouflage, there were many speculations. For one, the Milford Proving grounds are only a few miles away from where the car show took place. Forum members were speculating that the Camaro was actually a test vehicle. This guess was backed up by the fact that the tires and brakes had noticeable wear on them. A forum member on CamaroZ28 stated that Al Oppenheiser, Chief Fifth-Generation Camaro Engineer, confirmed that the car was a test vehicle and that the camouflage that was on the car holds up to high speeds.

Oppenheiser also apparently told a forum member that the camouflage made it harder for photographers to get good images of the details of the car. The only areas not covered by the black and white camouflage were the doors and the roof, which appear to be shared with lesser Camaros. This made it even more difficult for body lines and fine details to be seen and captured in photographs.

This ZL1 was thought to be one of the initial prototypes by forum members. While this may be the case, other forum members reminded us that the true look of the ZL1 is yet to be revealed. While showing under the ZL1 name, this car is sure to not be completely correct compared to the production car.

The appearance of the ZL1 at the F-body show is definitely exciting. It reminds us that the reveal of the production car is soon to come and we can’t wait to see what it looks like.

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