CBM Motorsports of Rancho Cucamonga, California recently announced the introduction of a twin turbo performance package that knows no bounds to offroad horsepower. Check out their 454ci LSX tall deck with Garrett GT35R ball bearing units doing its thing on the dyno in the video above.

According to CBM, the 454 Warhawk package is available either naturally aspirated or with forced induction, but with the twin Garrett turbos the large cube LSX produced 1178.7 horsepower with 1151.4 pound feet of torque. These figures were reached with a total boost production of 13.6 PSI.

The sand rail in our featured video also features an Albins transmission with a Tilton clutch. The stout LSX mill is topped with a custom sheet metal intake, and the fire breathing Warhawk exhales through a stainless steel exhaust system.

Controlling boost output from the Garrett turbos are a set of liquid cooled, Tial wastegates, and CBM’s nearly 1200 horse sand car is equipped with a custom air conditioning system to keep things nice and cool inside. According to CBM, their Warhawk setup can also be ordered with Whipple’s 4.0 supercharger.

As with nearly any performance build, it was a process of trial and error for CBM to achieve the kind of astronomical horsepower and bottom end that they have with their tall deck, 454 LSX Warhawk. As a matter of fact, it took three dyno pulls to get it just right. On its first two dyno runs, the Warhawk sand car produced approximately 1026.2 pound feet of torque, but on its final pull produced an astonishing 1151.4 pound feet of torque, nearly pulling the chassis dyno off of its foundation.

And as if these figures weren’t enough, CBM Motorsports claims that their sand car is actually capable of producing 1450bhp on 14 pounds of boost. Impressive? You better believe it! According to the shop our featured sand rail will be put to use on the sand over in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.