Check out the Groundbreaking Bed of the 2019 GMC Sierra

America’s love affair with the pickup truck has been a storybook romance for almost a century now. A pickup offers more storage capacity and practicality than just about any other type of vehicle, so you can understand why a pickup truck continues to be the bestselling vehicle in America.

In case you’re unaware, the Ford F-150 has had a chokehold on that title for the past couple of decades. However, Chevy’s Silverado is a consistent runner-up to the F series, and the battle for pickup truck supremacy has yielded some impressive new features for consumers to enjoy. The latest of those is Chevy’s innovative new six-way tailgate.

Hail Multipro, Lord of Tailgates

Until the early 2000s, tailgates came in one flavor. But as trucks have become more popular commuter vehicles for active-lifestyle suburban-types willing to pay the money for a useful bed, manufacturers have been slowly upgrading tailgates with dampers that keep the massive piece from overwhelming less burly truck owners, a step to make accessing the bed easier and even cup holders.

Chevy’s MultiPro design is the next step on the evolutionary ladder of tailgates. It’s capable of six separate positions and incorporates two distinct gates, as well as a cargo stop to keep things from flying out of the bed of your truck while you’re driving back from the hardware store. Owners can drop the upper gate for small items, lower the tailgate entirely, extend a load stop or drop the load stop out to form an easy-access step — all using a simple push-button system.

If you step up to the premium GMC Denali version of the truck, there’s even a carbon fiber version called “CarbonPro.” Presumably, this will reduce the weight of the truck and help improve fuel mileage. GM says it also features enhanced durability compared to its metal counterparts.

Welcome to the Sierras

The new bed is just one feature of Chevy’s newly redesigned Silverado and its GMC counterpart, the Sierra — sworn enemies of the Ford F150.

As with all modern trucks from the “Big Three,” the Silverado/Sierra isn’t just a work vehicle. It’s been built from the ground up to be a lifestyle truck, with all the amenities you might expect of a luxury car, should you choose to shell out for the options. Engine choices include the ubiquitous small-block V8 in two displacements, or a new high-tech turbodiesel typically paired with GM’s 10-speed autobox.

For new owners, these trucks should be model citizens. Even though these trucks are technologically advanced, they aren’t like some European cars that require a trip to the dealership to change the oil or bleed the four-wheel disc brakes. Part of a positive ownership experience is not stressing over frequent dealer visits.

We think the new Sierra will be a hit. Chevy has been slowly closing the sales gap between these trucks and the F-150, and with this new tailgate design, they are sure to grab some more market share from the competition over in Dearborn.

Photos: Jalopnik

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