Chevrolet Commercial Submissions From the Creator of “The Quest”

For those of you who are familiar with “The Quest,” you know just how spectacular the work of Michael Brown Productions can be. Now, thanks to Chevrolet recently turning to independent film makers for Super Bowl commercial submissions, there is more automotive footage from Brown circulating the web. While these two commercials we found on CorvetteBlogger aren’t quite like footage from “The Quest,” they are still of the caliber we’ve come to expect from Brown. Take a look!

Chevrolet solicited independent film submissions for their upcoming Super Bowl commercials. Brown, being the automotive enthusiast that he is, submitted these two commercials for consideration. Unfortunately, the competition between submissions is quite fierce and Brown’s submissions were eliminated after being voted through round one. Now that his chances at a 2012 Super Bowl commercial have passed, Brown has decided to release the commercials for our viewing pleasure.

The commercial above features Brown’s brand new 2012 Corvette ZR1 Centennial Edition with none other than VIN #100. The commercial opens up with an aggravated cowboy leaning against the black Corvette on the side of the road in Texas. Being a 2012 ZR1, we know he’s not broke down, so what’s the issue? You’ll have to watch the commercial to find out.

The second commercial features Brown’s 1954 Corvette roadster. This commercial opens up with a snoozing gas station attendant being jolted awake by the Corvette tripping the customer bell at the pump. Surprisingly, the Corvette is unmanned and proceeds to get fueled up without a human in site. Just as the gas station attendant goes out to investigate, the ‘54 comes roaring to life and changes into the ‘12 ZR1 before taking off down the highway.

Both commercials are very unique and show off the essence of Chevrolet and the Corvette quite well. Unfortunately, you won’t be seeing these ads on Super Bowl Sunday but you can play them over and over to your heart’s content right here. We certainly did.

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