Corvette Dominated Premium Sports Coupe Sales In 2016

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2016 was a great year for the car industry, giving us Corvette fans plenty to look forward to in 2017. As we looked back on just how great the year was, we thought the Corvette’s final sales numbers would be worth a mention– because, as usual, it has surpassed its competitors.

While it seems the majority of the buyers in the United States prefer U.S. Domestic Market (USDM) sports cars, the Corvette still isn’t known to make it into the top three– usually coming in as fourth “best”–at least in terms of annual sales. However, this is to be expected as the Corvette is higher priced and thus geared toward lower sales overall.

There’s no debating that the Corvette has substantially more power than other sports cars offered here in the US (such as the Camaro or Mustang), but again, that comes with a price. So, taking these price differences into consideration, TorqueNews took it upon themselves to compare our favorite sports car to others that are more in its class. The results are astonishing.


As you probably expected, the Corvette did very well. Actually, it completely dominated all other premium sports coupe sales– doubling that of its second-place competitor, the Lexus RC. Throughout the year, dealers across the United States pushed out a whopping 29,995 Chevrolet Corvettes. The Lexus RC had 11,165 units sold, and in third-place was the ‘Vettes everlasting rival, the Porsche 911 with a mere 8,901 units sold. Yes, you read that correctly– the Corvette more than tripled the 911’s sales.

We could say that we’re surprised, but the seventh generation Corvette has been a perennial best seller for GM. Let’s hope that sales continue strong through 2017, as we are sure they will with the arrival of the ZR1.

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