Craigslist Finds: Crazy Lookin’ LS-Swapped Toyota Hilux Pickup

LS-swapped 1977 Toyota Hilux

Craigslist is almost always a sure-fire way to come across some entertainment– whether it be hours of surfing cheap beater cars for sale or a someone sketchy you bought an item from at your local Starbucks.

Today, the glorious thing that is the internet brought us to this 1977 Toyota Hilux. At first glance, it definitely doesn’t look like any regular pickup– and, after some digging, we find out our first thought was accurate, it is very far from regular.

lshilex1 2

Under the hood, its housing a turbocharged 5.3-liter LS V8 paired with a 4L60E four-speed automatic transmission. In addition to parts for the swap, the truck’s frame was modified to house a 2006 Crown Vic’s front subframe, steering rack, disc brakes, rear axle, and suspension. In essence, the truck is underpinned by a Crown Vic.

The Craigslist ad is vague to say the least, with only about two lines of text to go off of– but the owner does mention that the truck is clean, rust free, and “fast as sh*t.” We suppose that “rust free” depends on your interpretation of rust–since surface rust is clearly visible.

lshilex4 2
The swap isn’t the oddest thing about this build, though– We actually came across a video of the truck running through dirt and puddles, intercooler-less and rocking absolutely no air filter. Probably not the smartest idea but, if you ask us, it seems like the owner is a “f*ck it” type of guy. Either way, hats off to him for building something off the wall.

For $10,000, we’d still probably buy it– but we’re pretty far from Atlanta, Georgia.

You can view the Craigslist ad here.

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 4.14.00 PM

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