Custom Cyber Gray Carbon Camaro

While we’re always a little curious why people feel compelled to park their cars on people’s lawns when it comes time to snap a couple pretty pictures (how often do you literally drive through the park?), we thought many of you hard-core Generation 5 Camaro-lovers would swoon over this custom carboned-out Camaro. Found on Camaro5, forum member “BillySpeed” showed off his recently customized ’10 Super Sport, 6-speed Cyber Gray pony car for all to see.

Images: Camaro5

BillySpeed is a pretty accomplished painter and wrench, doing all the work, paint and fine tuning himself. The Camaro got quite a few modifications including Stillen ground effects (the front lip, rear spoiler, and side rocker kit), a heritage grille, and a one-inch lowering kit. But it doesn’t end there, BillySpeed color-matched the factory wheels the same Cyber Gray not before dismantling the car for a complete repaint. Next, a custom-painted carbon fiber hockey stripe with matching hood stripe were added.

Inside, he removed the cloth door panel and dash inserts and painted them with the same carbon fiber pattern. The XM antenna, taillight inserts and engine cover got the same treatment too. All of the carbon striping got a hand-painted purple pinstripe as well as a hand-painted “Reaper” on the fenders and trunk.

But how about under the hood (besides the repainted engine cover), you ask? The LS got a Hennesey CAI, Jett mass air sensor, a reflash from a Diablo tuner, and Pypes mufflers.

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