When it comes to building seriously badass rides, East Texas Muscle Cars has definitely made their mark by assembling some wicked 5th generation Camaros. While scouring YouTube for the latest and greatest LS-based news, a video appeared with one seriously evil looking Camaro. According to the information provided by ETMC, this sinful looking Camaro is not ‘all show and no go.’ Dubbed the Undertaker Camaro thanks to the owner’s attraction toward skulls and the grim reaper, the Camaro features a custom paint job with flames, skulls and of course Thanatos himself. ETMC carefully and creatively added the flame and skull motif throughout the entire car; highlights include a skull bowtie under the hood and charcoal flames on the interior door panels.

Continuing with the macabre motif, the nitrous bottles were treated to a custom paint job as well; the bottle make it appear as though the reaper is climbing out of the trunk in preparation to raise hell on the highway. The Undertaker Camaro features a 422 cubic inch engine, with ETMC custom ground cam, Fast 102 intake, HE 102mm throttle-body and a 250-shot of nitrous. During a dyno session the ETMC-built Undertaker Camaro laid down nearly 772 horsepower and 713 ft-lb of torque. During the fire up on the dyno, the Camaro sounds rather menacing and deserving of its name.