eBay Find of the Day: A Fiero-Based, Corvette-Powered Ferrari

The Pontiac Fiero perhaps best represents the awful business model of “Old GM”. What began as a great idea for a lightweight, mid-engine sports coupe ended up the poorly designed victim of budget cuts, only achieving it’s true potential just before being killed. The Fiero would last just a single generation before being given the axe… though the mid-engine sports coupe would go on to find a second life serving as the chassis for cheap Ferrari replica kit cars.

This particular Fiero-turned-Ferrari has wound up on eBay. But where most Ferrari replicas stop at the looks, the builder of this bastardized Pontiac went ahead and gave it some power to back up those choppy body lines in the form of a Corvette LS1 engine.

Many models of Ferrari have been copied over the years using the Fiero as its basis. The Fiero has two things going for it; they are cheap, and the engine is mid-mounted, just like in a Ferrari. The builder of this particular Fiero went ahead and built a tribute to the famed Ferrari F50, a street car based on a race car worth many times more what the Fiero ever was.

But at least the builder did something right, tossing out the tired V6 engine in favor of a Corvette LS1 V8. Cramming a V8 into the hatchback engine compartment is no small feat, but that 400+ horsepower will motivate the faux-Ferrari quite well. While it is far from the cleanest Ferrari replica we have ever seen, at least the builder got the engine right!

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