Ah, the fifth-generation Camaro; a staple in the modern muscle car war and what many a ‘Maro fan hope to someday have in their garages. But if the price of a new Camaro is currently holding you back from buying your fantasy car, we found a cheap way to make your dreams come true…almost. Right now thanks to eBay, you have the opportunity to out fit your golf cart with a Camaro-esque body kit. Hey, at least its a step above a Match Box toy!

Offered by Electric Cart Warehouse in Southern California, the body kit for 2004 and newer Club Car Precedent golf carts comes with the front end, grill, hood and rear cowl pieces to make your golf cart look like a fifth-gen Camaro. For just $1,499, you can be driving around in the car of your dreams in a matter of days.

This particular kit is painted in black with red flames in the front that transition to black flames over red paint in the rear, although you can have it repainted by the company for an extra $399.

You too could have a cool new Camaro, well, kind of.

While we don’t recommend buying this kit as a substitution for the real deal, we can’t help but think that this body kit may help turn your golf cart into the perfect track vehicle. After all, how cool would it be to have a miniature version of your race car to tool around in while you’re not racing?

The kit is only available for a “Buy It Now” price, so there is no bidding necessary. Now all you have to do is choose from 135 different paint colors if you don’t like the flames.