Sure, you might be able to ditch the standard issue Ford Crown Victoria, but try outrunning a ‘Vette with lights, sirens and a police radio system. Speeders in Madison County, Alabama better be careful thanks to the 2010 Grand Sport Corvette patrolling the streets. The Madison County Record covered the unveiling of the department’s newest ride on Thursday, January 20, 2011.

Madison residents Jeff and Nilmini Thompson generously donated the ‘Vette to police department. It seems unlikely that anyone would donate a brand new Grand Sport, but miracles do happen. “You hear a lot of things, but how often do they come true?” said Police Chief Larry Muncey after a meeting with the Madison’s mayor and Thompson.

In reality the ‘Vette will not be patrolling the streets looking for speeders, daring one of them to make it a high-speed pursuit; it will be used for community outreach. The Grand Sport will allow the police department to interact with the children of Madison through the community policing division.

With help from the Thompson’s company, Systems Product and Solutions, the car was hooked with all the necessary items for a patrol car. Sound Depot added the audio-video components and Fastsigns hooked up the custom striping and other cosmetic details.

Madison’s Lt. John Stringer was chosen to drive the ‘Vette. Hopefully he will get a chance to take it to the track to interact with the community. Perhaps a few performance mods will be donated next?