Florida Motorists Take Excessive Measures to Avoid Toll Fees

How many of us can say that we’ve never tried to cover up something we’ve done, no matter how minor, to avoid being in trouble? As times get tougher and more people are living paycheck to paycheck, people are getting creative to avoid being caught breaking the rules on the roadways. Motorists are progressively getting more creative in their ways to avoid trouble, even in areas that you wouldn’t have thought about before. As our friends over at AutoBlog found, drivers and passengers alike have come up with crazy ways to avoid getting caught for not paying road tolls.

We’ve all seen individuals on the news, or on shows like COPS, do some stupid stuff to try to get away with breaking the law. But who would’ve thought that something as simple as paying 50 cents for a road toll would be worth coming up with some crazy, and dangerous, stunts?

As reported by the St. Petersburg Times, Motorists in Florida have come up with some interesting ways to cover their license plates when going through toll booths. By doing so, the individuals are trying to avoid getting caught for not paying the tolls. By covering their plates, drivers can’t easily be tracked down to pay the toll they bounced out on.

A photo gallery posted on AutoBlog.com shows some of the most creative cover-ups caught by Florida’s Department of Transportation. From placing some sort of cover over the plate number to motorcyclists hanging their feet over their plates, people have definitely become creative to avoid the fines for not paying tolls. Our favorite image in the photo gallery has to be of an individual hanging out of the back of a fourth generation Camaro, placing his hand over the back plate of the car.

While I can relate to the hate for having to pay road tolls all the time, going to this extent has to take a different level of thinking. Why anyone would risk bodily injury to avoid a toll is beyond me. This trend is sure to continue as pennies are having to be pinched more and more. Although some of these people seem to be coming up with creative ways to cover their plates just for the sport of it…

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