Hot rodders and weekend racers understand that we are the backbone of the sport. We found a YouTube post from two companies that feel the same way! Fragola Performance Systems and FK Rod Ends have produced a very informative video that introduces the companies and their high quality product lines designed to fill the needs of the average hot rodder and sportsman racer.

In less than five minutes, spokesman Jeff Stacy introduces us to Fragola Performance Systems which is a manufacturer of hose ends for high performance automotive plumbing and FK Rod Ends which manufactures rod ends for performance and industrial applications.

Stacy also informs of us that Fragola Performance Systems and FK Rod Ends are located in Connecticut and that all of the products they manufacture are 100% American-made. He then goes on to give quick overviews of several of the more popular and useful products from both companies that benefit the hot rodder and the weekend racer.

However, the most important message conveyed in the video is that both Fragola Performance Systems and FK Rod Ends understand that their core business is the grassroots enthusiast. Because of that, their main focus is the support and satisfaction of hot rodders and sportsman racers at that level.

As enthusiasts, we are inspired by the high dollar racing programs and the spectacular custom designed vehicles constructed through unlimited budgets. However, those endeavors cannot possibly support the entirety of the performance parts manufacturing industry. In the end, it is we at the grassroots of our sport that keep the industry thriving.