Get Classic F1 Car Looks With Modern Chevy Power

Every car guys dream garage is full of every car he has ever wanted to own. Yet only the wealthiest enthusiasts ever even come close to filling out their garage with all their dream collectibles, though that doesn’t stop the rest of us from trying. If we had enough money, we’d have a ton of muscle cars, no doubt…but why not some real racers, like a Formula 1 car perhaps?

Most of us could never, ever afford a real Formula 1 car, but Hemmings Auto Blog is reporting on an affordable alternative powered by the tried-and-true 5.3 liter Chevy V8.

Built by Ian Gray, the F1-67 looks just like Honda’s famous RA273 Formula 1 car from the 1960’s. The stiffer chassis is about 15% bigger than the original, though it still only weighs in at 1,460 pounds; a true featherweight.

For power, Gray chose a late-model 5.3L Chevy, which powers most 2000 and up half-ton Silverados in the truck line up. The power-to-weight ratio is impeccable. The choice of a standard Chevy engine not only helps keep the cost down but offers up weight savings as well as making additional bolt-on’s a cinch.

The Porsche turbo 4-speed transmission might be pricier to fix, but as long as you don’t go over 450 horsepower it should be fine. This authentic racing toy will set you back about $64,000, about what you’d pay for a well-equipped Corvette, but infinitely faster.

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