Once a fringe hobby of basement-dwelling dweebs, video gaming has climbed the cultural ladder to be on the same level of relevance as Hollywood. That means all the glitz, glamor, beautiful babes and fast cars that come with today’s new video game launches. If you want in on that action, here is your chance.

Set for release on April 24th, Prototype 2 is a sequel to a game where you are a bio-enhanced super soldier running amok in a mutant-infested city. To help promote the sequel, GameStop is giving away a Prototype 2-themed Camaro SS.

Not sure how we feel about this one, to be honest. The original Prototype was a unique idea executed in the most mediocre of ways. It’s not a huge game with a well-known name, like Halo, Mario, or Call of Duty. Still, at least they had the right idea, going with a Camaro SS, and the “theme work” seems to be kept to a minimum. Besides some red veiny tentacles and blood-red fog light covers, it looks… like a Camaro.

If you are a GameStop PowerUp Rewards member, you are automatically entered. For the rest of us, you can use the official entry form here, and enter up to two times per day. Other prizes include a veiny leather jacket, and $2,000 in cash. So even if you’re not a fan of Prototype, or video games at all, it’ll be worth the effort if you win your very own American muscle car.