GM Builds 100 Millionth Small Block Chevy Engine

Today marks a major mile stone for General Motors, Chevrolet, and automotive enthusiasts around the world. By the end of the day, GM will have built the 100 millionth Small Block Chevy engine. The landmark engine is being assembled at the GM Performance Build Center in northwest Detroit, and it is only fitting that this special mill is the most powerful engine GM has ever built for a production car – the 638 horsepower, supercharged LS9. This landmark LS9 will be preserved by Chevrolet as part of their historical collection.

How many times do you think 100 million SBC's would stretch around the Earth?

Since its introduction in 1955, small block Chevy engines have powered everything from Corvettes and Camaros, to pick-up trucks, and even boats and industrial machinery. In that time span the engine has under gone quite a few evolutionary changes that have made it what it is today with the LS series of engines – both extremely powerful and efficient, while maintaining the simplicity that small block Chevys have always been known for. It’s not uncommon for C6 Corvette owners to be able to blast out low 12 second quarter miles, while enjoying 26 miles per gallon (or more) during their daily commute. Isn’t technology great?

Sam Winegarden, GM’s Executive Director of Engine Engineering says, “This tremendous achievement celebrates an engineering triumph that has reached around the globe and created an industrial icon; and while the small-block’s enduring design has proven adaptable to meet performance, emissions and refinement challenges over the years, it has more importantly delivered them with greater efficiency.”

So here’s our congratulations to GM, Chevrolet, and the millions of enthusiasts throughout the world that have souped up the venerable small block Chevy. You’re part of a legacy that truly does “run deep.”

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