General Motors is without a doubt a global company, selling Chevy-badged vehicles across the world in just about every imaginable market. The thing is, selling cars in different countries requires adhering to different safety and production standards. A perfect example of this is the Chevy Camaro, which has been slightly altered for the European market to include sunglass-style LED taillights.

Carscoop reached out to GM to ask about these taillights, and was told that the General has no plans on bringing these LED tallights to America.

The 2010+ Camaro currently uses standard bulbs for the taillights in the Americanized version. Across the pond in Europe though, regulations necessitate the need for separate red stop lights and amber turn signals. The cheapest solution for GM was to put LED taillights on the European Camaro.

But that wasn’t the only change GM made for the Europeans. The EuroMaro gets larger folding sideview mirrors with integrated turn signals, front and rear tow hooks, HID front headlights, and Euro-tuned emissions equipment to keep the Camaro clean. Oh, and the fact that even though only V8 Camaros will be sold in Europe, there will be no “SS” badge. You can ask ze Germans why.