The “modern” GTO, while providing decent performance, was a dud in terms of styling, and when the Pontiac brand was killed off,  all hopes of an LS-powered Goat with looks to match its power were gone for good. However, the Florida company Trans Am Depot has already taken on the task of reviving the TA, built from the new Camaro, and their efforts haven’t stopped there. A Pontiac GTO version, also built from the new Camaro, will now be offered from the company in the near future. Thanks to for bringing us the news.

The GTO is set to be a Judge remake. However, due to copyright issues, the car will not be able to be called a GTO. The company has decided to call the car “The Goat 6T9,” with a “6T9” emblem on the car. Why the strange name? With the typeface that has been chosen for the emblem, the “6T9” could be mistaken for “GTO.”

No other details for the new version of the GTO have been released but its very possible that the car will be similar to the supercharged version of the Trans Am that Trans Am Depot currently produces. The price for the 6T9 has yet to be set. The Depot hopes the first 6T9 conversions will begin late this year; good news for GTO enthusiasts. We look forward to seeing one of these classic remakes in person.