Hennessey Announces Future 1,026 HP Upgrade to the ’12 Camaro ZL1

Although the ZL1 is set to be the most powerful Camaro ever released by Chevrolet, true muscle car guys know there can be improvements made to any platform. And who better to make improvements to the already stellar ZL1 than Hennessey? With the ZL1 set to be released next spring, the well-known company has already announced upgrades to the model, one of which even boasts a whopping 1,026 HP according to MotorAuthority.

With the ZL1 expected to push 580 horses and 556 foot-pounds of torque straight off the showroom floor, it is the perfect platform to create one crazy performance car and that is exactly what Hennessey is planning to do. With their HPE1000 Twin Turbo upgrade, the ZL1 will exceed the four-digit threshold, but it’s not all done with the ZL1’s standard equipment.

In order to produce the crazy amount of horsepower Hennessey will be providing in the HPE1000 upgrade, the standard supercharged LSA engine will be replaced with a 7.0L LSX engine with a custom twin-turbo charging kit. The LSX will gain some of its power from forged internals, an air-to-air intercooler, electronic boost controller and dual wastegates, a stainless steel exhaust system, upgraded fuel injectors and high-flow cylinder heads.

Sounds like quite the set up, doesn’t it? There is a small catch, however. Those customers who are interested in purchasing the upgrade must know how to drive a manual car because the upgrade will only be offered with a heavy-duty dual friction clutch. But that doesn’t sound like a deal breaker to us – it just means the upgrade will create a true supercar. Unfortunately, the HPE1000 will not be available for purchase in California.

Hennessey will also be offering a few tamer ZL1 upgrades for those not brave enough to be a part of the 1,000 HP club. The base upgrade will be available under the name HPE600 and will mildly increase the ZL1’s horsepower to 610. Other upgrades like the HPE650, 700 and 800 will offer performance and horsepower improvements between the base upgrade and crazy output of the HPE1000.

Obviously, we’re excited about the announcement of Hennessey’s new upgrades to the ZL1. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until next spring to see these bad boys in action, but we’re confident that they will be worth the wait.

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