How’s This For An eBay Find – Used Camaro Or A “Used” Wife?

People sell everything on eBay. Most normal people sell cars, books, old baseball cards, and used exercise equipment. We’ve all heard off-the-wall stories about loonies trying to sell their children, pieces of toast with images of religious figures on them, and even dirty socks.

But this latest story we’ve heard, courtesy of the folks over at Torque News, was a double whammy. First, the guy hosting the auction was selling not one, but two items…  but in an “either-or” situation. His slightly used 2010 Camaro SS – or his soon to be ex-wife. Pretty crazy, right?

Image: eBay Motors

The simplest way to explain it would be that the seller known on eBay as wyliewalczykracing, claiming to be in the middle of an obviously ugly divorce, did a side-by-side comparison of his Camaro and his wife, using a chart highlighting the Camaro’s pros, while choosing to focus on his wife’s faults. Go figure. For example, he tells us that his car has less than 10k miles, while his wife has “over 10k miles.” Another example, although somewhat racy but much more humorous is his description of his Camaro’s neon-trimmed lighting interior, as opposed to his wife’s “carpet not matching the drapes.”

Your author is still laughing about that last one. Unfortunately for us (but fortunately for his wife), we don’t get to see any pictures of the publicly villified spouse, but we do get to see plenty of pictures of the seller’s beautiful Camaro. The bidding has already ended on these items, but the closed auction is still available for everyone to see. Hopefully, the seller wasn’t murdered by his wife and the car goes to a good home. Either way, it was good for a chuckle while it lasted.

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