Karl Kustom Corvettes: ’63 Split Window Beauty with C6 Technology

Is that a '63 Split Window or a C6 Corvette? Answer: Yes! Images: Karl Kustom Corvettes.

When the C6 Corvette came along it proved that Chevy was not only still in the performance game, but that they were playing to win. The C6 is a world class sports car and it’s racing brethren are ripping up the American Le Mans series. It would be hard to argue that it’s not the best performing Corvette ever produced by Chevy, and even the base model Corvette is a staple at high performance driving schools throughout the U.S.

When it’s all said and done, the C6 Corvette was another game changer for Chevy. With that established, what if you’re a Corvette lover that loves the performance of a new ‘Vette, but can’t help but dig the look of some other Corvette game changers, like the ’63 split window, or a ’67 roadster? Answer: combine them!

This '63 split window started life as a new Z06. Note the bulging fenders. Image: TheMuscleCarPlace.com.

Karl Kustom Corvettes in Ankeny, IA is producing two different versions of their “Kustom” cars and have designed brand-new fiberglass ’63 split-window and ’67 roadster bodies to fit onto the shell of a new C6 Corvette. The Corvette’s are not born wearing classic bodies from GM though, as Karl Kustoms does the conversion themselves.

New Corvette’s are first delivered to the Karl Chevrolet dealership in Ankeny, and then make their way over to Karl Kustoms. Once there all C6 exterior panels are removed and the ’63 or ’67 body is applied. In addition to the new body, several other period specific cues are added such as red line tires and steel chrome bumpers.

The headlights are hidden in the grille instead of the traditional flip-up location, though the old style headlight doors are molded into the body to retain the right classic look.

Each Corvette can be custom tailored to a customer’s liking and it’s even possible to get a Z06 based Corvette as a starting point. The Z06 variant does require some body modifications for the classic body, most prominently noticed with the bulging fenders and quarter panels. If that’s not enough to flip your lid, the Karl Kustom Corvettes all retain their full GM warranty!

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