Classic Camaros with LS swaps are an excellent blend of vintage style with reliable modern power. TripleXMotorsports caught East Texas Muscle Car’s ’68 Camaro on the drag strip at Thunder Road Raceway Park in Louisiana. According video description the ’68 is powered by 418 CID LS3 engine with a 2.8l Kenne Bell Supercharger that cranks out over 14 poundsof boost that results in over 1000 horsepower. This potent LS3 features solid lifters, an East Texas Muscle Cars custom grind roller cam and PRC cylinder heads. From the initial shot of the video, it possible to hear the intoxicating rumble of the engine, but hearing the ’68 under full throttle at the drag strip is an audiophiles’ dream.

Obviously the ’68 is fast, but with a non-factory supercharger and running in the low 9’s it might be a good idea to invest in a SFI-spec jacket. Sure, a t-shirt is comfy, but a t-shirt does not provide the necessary protection typically required at even the most laid-back test-n-tune days. Regardless of the safety issues, this LS3-powered monster’s launch is site to behold; thanks to only weighing in at 2,400 pounds, a well designed suspension and 17-inch-wide slicks this beast is capable of pulling the front wheels with ease. On the second pass the ’68 Camaro blasts down the track and runs a 9.219 at 145 MPH. Is there such a thing as a “casual” single digit dragstrip pass?