Putting a new set of killer cylinder heads on your car is such a joyous time because the horsepower levels are about to rise. One thing that has plagued those with LS-based motors when they upgrade heads, however, is valve cover clearance, or filament issues. That was, until now. Late Model Engines (LME) has released a trick set of billet valve covers for the LS market that address clearance issues and are packed with great features.

These new valve covers were the product of research and development at LME, along with customer feedback. The goal of these new valve covers is to fix the usual fitment and clearance issues that people face when adding aftermarket heads to their LS-powered cars.


According to LME’s Mark Stewart, starting with a clean slate allowed for some important improvements over the standard LS valve covers. “A key feature are the dual -10 AN bosses on each cover. With street cars making well over 1,000 horsepower regularly, these bosses allow the proper crankcase ventilation needed to keep seals in place. They also double-up as a place for an oil drain-back with no extra machining required. Having a place for a fitting on each corner of the engines allow infinite possibilities for hose line routing, no matter what your LS engine is powering.”

LME also took the extra step to make things simple to swap these valve covers onto any set of heads. These valve covers use the factory GM gaskets, along with the stainless mounting hardware. “Everything is reusable and makes valve lash adjustments a breeze. The coil packs are positioned to allow access to the cover bolts without having to touch the coil pack mounting hardware,” Stewart explains.

If you’re looking for a set of valve covers for your aftermarket LS heads check out the billet units that LME has for sale now on their website.