LG Motorsports Preps 5th Gen Body-In-White for World Challenge

There’s nothing better than when aftermarket performance parts suppliers decide to go racing. Reason being that you and I get the benefit of all the knowledge they gain throughout the process, and as an even bigger benefit, we eventually get to take advantage of all the trick parts they develop for their race cars on our own street cars.

Fans of the 5th Gen Camaro will be pleased to hear that LG Motorsports has already begun work on their Camaro race car they plan to campaign in World Challenge races. In this thread on Camaro5, Anthony from LG Motorsports lays out their current plans for the car, and 5th Gen fans can follow along as the car continues its transformation from a bare GM Performance Parts Body-In-White (or red as the case may be…) to a competitive track rocket.

One of the coolest things so far is that LG weighed every part they’ve removed so far from their 5th Gen Body-In-White, and posted their findings for other 5th Gen builders to reference. For example, LG found that the bare body with no doors, trunk lid, or fenders weighs exactly 889 pounds, and the stock aluminum hood weighs just 23 pounds. Check out LG‘s thread to get the results from the other parts they weighed, and for more info on some of the parts they have already confirmed they will be developing for 5th Gens thanks to this Camaro build and their campaign in the World Challenge Series.

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