Listen to the Sweet Sound of the Mid-Engine Corvette

The mid-engine corvette has been a long time coming – and we’ve been waiting with breathless anticipation ever since Car and Driver spotted the first prototype mules of this model back in 2015. We haven’t gotten any official information on the new mid-engine Corvette, other than a little hint from Nate Chandler, one of the dealers who was invited to Chevy’s Find New Roads dealers conference this past week.

We may not have any official announcements yet but thanks to one sharp-eyed viewer and his smartphone camera, we can hear this new ‘Vette purr.

Camouflaged Road Tests

Car manufacturers are known for road testing their cars under heavy camouflage – new models wrapped in black vinyl so the only thing you can see is the outline of the car and the windows, to allow for driver visibility. Even with layers of black vinyl on it, though, you can’t mistake the outline of a new Corvette – and there’d be no reason to camouflage it if it wasn’t the new mid-engine that everyone’s been so excited about.

Thanks to the sharp eyes of a YouTube user named Big Ersk, we’ve gotten our first glimpse at the new mid-engine Corvette – and finally gotten to hear what sounds like a classic Corvette V8.

Unfortunately, Big Ersk is talking throughout the final section of the video when we see the driver of the camouflaged Corvette putting the pedal to the metal to try to evade Ersk’s pursuit. It’s easy to hear the smooth shifting of the transmission as the Vette easily puts distance between itself and Ersk’s own car.

Waiting for Official News

It may be a while before we have any official news on the release of this mid-engine beauty, but if Chevy’s most recent tease is any indication, we may see them as soon as 2019. The manufacturer did end their production year for the 2018 Corvette earlier than usual, starting their 2019 production in the first month of 2018, but according to industry experts, the 2019 model doesn’t offer any major changes from the 2018 – and it’s definitely not the mid-engine that we’re all waiting for.

Time to Get Ready

If you’ve been waiting for a time to start getting serious about buying one of these, take this as your sign. Start figuring out your finances, research insurance, and find out if you’ll be able to afford one. Then, make sure your garage is totally secure and ready to store something so valuable. You don’t want to park one of these on the street. And last, you’re going to need a bit of luck, as these are going to sell

Hopefully, this is just Chevy’s way of teasing us a little bit – we might all go a little mad if we have to wait until next year’s Detroit Auto Show for any official announcements! In the meantime, though, keep your eyes peeled for more camouflaged Chevy’s and let us know what you see!

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