LSX Groom’s Cake – “An Engine You Could Eat Off”

Love is a many splendored thing – especially when two LSX enthusiasts fall in love, like Sarah and James Karger from Fort Worth, Texas. The Kargers just sent us these pics from their wedding this past weekend featuring what has to be hands-down the most awesome Groom’s Cake we’ve ever seen; an incredibly accurate sugar and flour replica of our favorite power plant – the LSX.

As Sarah pointed out, 'This LSX has head-studs just incase we wanted to add some boost!'

A shared love for the LSX and racing is one of the things that brought Sarah and James together. Sarah tells us, “The reason behind the cake is my husband and I have a Fox Body Mustang with a 6.0L liter turbocharged LSX motor. It is an iron block LQ9 with a Borg Warner S400 T6 turbo. It runs 5.80’s on 275 drag radials. It’s still a real street car, and has A/C, heat, and a radio. We built the entire car together from a roller, and even built the turbo kit ourselves.”

The Karger's turbo LSX swapped Fox-Body was the inspiration behind the LSX Groom's Cake.

The LSX Groom’s Cake was one engine build that didn’t require the services of a machine shop, but rather the skills of an experienced bakery; namely the Food Network featured Haute Cakes and Cookies out of Fort Worth, Texas. Haute owner Wendy Collinsworth took on the LS1 cake as her personal project. “We met with Wendy and talked a little about the coupe and the LSX, and gave her a few pictures. She took it from there, and did an amazing job!” says Sarah.

Sadly, no one saved us any of the LSX cake.

Congrats to the Kargers, and thanks for sharing your “LSX-Love Story” with us!

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