Moroso’s LS Catalog Helps Enthusiasts Build The Ultimate Hot Rod

Moroso's billet valve covers are available in three different varieties: with and without mounting bosses for stock coil packs (68352, 68354), and Moroso's remote coil-pack mounting kit (PN 68355).

If you were to mention the name, Moroso, to just about any gearhead walking the Earth today, you would get an immediate reaction of positive feedback. They’ve been around for almost forty-five years, and the quality of their components are among the best industry.

Many companies have come and gone in that time, but how Moroso has managed to stay ahead of the pack is simple: they know how to keep up with the ever-changing times. Such is the case of their extensive selection of high-performance parts for the LS series engines. 

Recently, they sent us over the latest update of their LS catalog with enough parts listed to get the budding engine builder started in builder their dream car. They carry a variety of oil pans, valve covers, plug wires, and they market a high capacity, wet sump  oil pump specifically for LS1’s. These parts are not just available for the late-model guys, but for those enthusiasts looking to swap in an LS mill into their classic muscle cars.

We’ve included some of the parts here, and if you want to take a look at their LS catalog, check it out here!

Pictured is the LS1 wet sump, high volume oil pump (PN 22120), and the 6-quart, wet sump oil pan specifically designed for fourth-generation F-Bodies (PN 21150).

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