Most car guys and racer’s know about speed parts and the companies like MoonEyes, Moroso, and CompCams, all well known, and they share a common ground. They have all become icons in the racing and high performance world.

Just as these companies and their products have earned them their spot at the top of the industry, and many times in the winners circle, we want to tell you about another huge contributor to the automotive aftermarket.

The company is the Mr. Gasket Company, founded in 1965 by Joseph F. “Joe” Hrudka. Joe designed an asbestos exhaust gasket for racers that became an instant success, helping his new found business grow like wild fire, and by the late 60’s he had expanded the business to more than gaskets.

He covered a wide spectrum of aftermarket parts, everything from chrome accessories to fasteners and adapters, fuel fittings, it was endless. Joe had acquired subsidiary partner companies like Lakewood, Hurst, and Hays Clutches along the way, making for a very powerful arsenal of performance parts.

Mr. Gasket has been a grass roots business with over 40 years behind them, now larger than ever, they are part of the Prestolite Automotive Group along with Lakewood, Mallory, Accel, and Hays Clutches. They sell worldwide and manufacture everything in their own facilities right down to designing and marketing new parts. Its safe to say that Mr. Gasket will be around for a very long time bringing us some of the best products in the automotive aftermarket.

For 2011, Mr. Gasket and its affiliates will give out over 1 million dollars in contingency money to racers in IHRA, NHRA, and IMCA sanctioning bodies. Running Mr. Gasket’s new MLS head gaskets, Mallory ignition boxes, Accel wires, and Lakewood bell housings are all part of the contingency program. So make sure you display their decal on your race car when you win. If you haven’t heard of Mr. Gasket or you have been out of the loop for a while be sure to check out their catalog or visit them online, as you will be amazed at how many products and solutions they have to offer the automotive world.