One of the challenges in getting big power out of a late-model Corvette is supplying enough fuel. There have been a lot of clever solutions involving multiple stock-style in-tank pumps or inline booster units, but they’ve all got their shortcomings compared to a system engineered from scratch. That’s exactly what Aeromotive has just done with their new “Stealth” kits – engineered a fuel pump setup that’s a complete drop-in assembly for the stock tank that incorporates the factory jet siphon system.

The patent-pending setup for 2003 1/2-up Corvettes can be ordered with either the A1000 pump, which is good for 1000 horsepower forced induction applications (1300 naturally aspirated), or the Eliminator, which is good to 1400 for boosted or nitrous engines, and 1900 on the motor. Both are rated for continuous duty, so they’re appropriate for track or street use, and both let you plumb a true return-style fuel system without abandoning the factory fuel tank.

Here’s a video of the prototype system, developed with House of Boost:

One more piece of interesting news from Aeromotive – they say that their Steath system is also coming soon for the fifth-gen Camaro…