Vortech Releases 6th Gen Camaro SS 10-Rib Supercharger Drive Upgrade

New from Vortech – the Sixth-Gen Camaro SS 10-Rib Supercharger Drive Upgrade. This kit is sure to take your supercharged Camaro to the next level of performance. See more details below.

Official Release:

Building off the success of the Sixth-Gen Camaro SS Supercharging Systems, the new 10-Rib Supercharger Drive Upgrade Package is for the enthusiast who wishes to take their system to the next level of both performance and appearance. The dedicated 10-Rib supercharger drive upgrade package is available either with or without an ATI Performance Products crank damper (required), and has many supercharger pulley options to choose from to maximize the performance of your supercharged combination. Package includes SFI-approved race-spec crank damper (P/N #4GT116-001 only), 10-Rib supercharger and crank pulley, drive belt, multi-position automatic belt tensioner, replacement tensioner mounting plate, idlers and idler spacers, stainless steel radiator tube assembly, and all necessary mounting hardware.

Custom ECM programming and fuel / ignition system upgrades will be required. This applies any time the supercharger drive pulley ratio is changed to any size other than what was originally supplied in the complete supercharger kit. Pairing of this system with any non-H/D supercharger may cause supercharger unit failure if drive ratios are not selected carefully. Supercharger pulley removal may reduce or void the supercharger unit warranty. Pulley diameter changes: Careful size selection is mandatory for proper engine and supercharger longevity. Contact Vortech Tech Support for assistance with impeller speed calculations if necessary.


  • SFI-approved race-spec crank damper
  • 10-Rib supercharger and crank pulley
  • Custom ECM programming and fuel / ignition system upgrades are required

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