If you’re familiar with organized drag racing, even in the slightest, you have probably heard of the National Muscle Car Association—more commonly referred to as the NMCA. The NMCA has been offering some of the most exciting door slammer action around for going on a decade now. And since they have been around the metaphorical block a few times, they are always looking for ways to keep the racing fresh—and they just found one with their update on the 2017 Chevrolet Performance Challenge Series rules and regulations.

In case you aren’t intimately familiar with the Chevrolet Performance Challenge Series (CPCS), there are five separate classes that run under the same banner. You have the Wiseco Boostline Connecting Rods Drag Radial, Holley EFI Real Street, Chevrolet Performance Stock, LME Street King, and Proform Rumble as well as Gear Vendors True Street. Each class has a different set of classifications and prohibitions. However, they share a unifying theme; and that theme is the LS and LT engine.

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Every class in the series was built around racing the LS—and now LT—platform. However, up until this year, the field was limited to just vehicles that had rolled off the General’s assembly lines. That rule, as of 2017, is no more. The NMCA, in conjunction with Chevrolet Performance, has opened all classes to any car, no matter the manufacturer, as long as it has an LS or LT nestled between the fenders and still conforms to the class rules in which it will race.

This change should make it a very interesting year for the CPCS, to say the least. You can bet that every LS-swapped Fox body Mustang and their dogs will be showing up to these hotly contested shootouts to provide a little diversity—and perhaps a massive dose of rivalry.

If you are interested in participating in any of the aforementioned classes, you can view the new set of rules here, or visit the NMCA’s website here.

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