Throwback Thursday: A Look At Pace Performance’s LS Crate Engines

LS engine

Another week is almost over, and once again, Thursday is upon us. That means it’s time for us to celebrate another editorial throwback. Each week, we jump into the way back machine and open the Power Automedia vault that houses our vast collection of articles and revisit a great editorial piece.

In this Throwback Thursday, we’re taking a step back to the year 2014, to bring you an article that you guys might have either forgotten about or might not even know exists. Whichever the case, we are certain that you will enjoy this editorial flashback. So without further ado, let’s take a look back at an article with Pace Performance that makes finding the perfect LS crate engine easy: A Look at Pace Performance’s Extensive Lineup of LS Crate Engines.

LS engine

In this article, Jason Reiss works with Chuck Fitch of Pace Performance to show readers how they can modernize the power under the hood of their hot rod. All it takes is a click of the mouse or a phone call to get just what’s needed.

In the original article, Chuck explains, “The biggest thing to start with is to have a clear sense of what they plan on doing with the vehicle. If they have an older muscle car and they just want something to cruise on the weekends or run across the country, then it’s best to look at the lower-horsepower OE-type fitment engines offered by GM, like their Connect-and-Cruise options. For every individual LS-engine we sell, another customer will purchase a Connect-and-Cruise package – it’s about 50/50.”

LS engine

The LS-engine platform has become an incredibly popular swap option over the last couple of years, so, the aftermarket has hopped onto the bandwagon to provide manifolds that permit the LS to even be used with a carburetor in your application of choice.

Jason gets more in-depth, and we’re certain there is an engine listed in the guide that will be perfect for your ride, but you’ll have to check out the original article to get all the information. You’ll be glad you did. Since there are probably a lot of enthusiasts that would love to upgrade to an LS engine, I thought this a great piece for this week’s Throwback Thursday flashback. So, find out how the gathered information from Pace Performance can help your hot rod after you check out: A Look at Pace Performance’s Extensive Lineup of LS Crate Engines.

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