We’ve all known some pretty weird people. Heck, you might even be a pretty weird person yourself. And while the definition of “weird” differs from person to person, there are certain universal truths that we all subscribe to. Like it is “weird” to wear underwear on your head, or it is “weird” to accuse the blood bank of being managed by vampires running a plasma Ponzi scheme.

Well everybody, we feel that this… thing, found by a Reddit reader, defines the word “weird.” .

What we have here is what looks to be a mid-90’s pickup truck plastered with body kits from the Camaro and Corvette, with a healthy dose of randomly-placed roof, tailgate, and body panel spoilers and “aero improvements.” That front end is unmistakably that of a 5th-gen Camaro, and the rear fascia can only have come from a C5 Corvette, though the odd spacing of the taillights indicates it’s been sectioned and widened.

Now let’s talk spoilers, because there are a whole bunch here, on the roof as well as the tailgate. We’re not sure if the side strakes should count as spoilers or a bodykit, but we do know that that massive hood scoop has got to be seriously affecting aerodynamic drag. This vehicle defines weird. So, is this a half-finished project, something done on a dare, or just hilariously bad taste? And what the hell do you call it? A CamVette-a-Mino? A Cormaro Pickup? You tell us.