Propane-Powered, Supercharged 454ci Big-Inch Chevelle

There are some things that are true for all cars- they have seats, steer with a steering wheel, have four tires and are propelled by gasoline. Well, some of those things are always true but in the case of the ‘70 Mothers Polish Chevelle nicknamed ProPane, it’s not the conventional fuel system. As the name suggests, this classic muscle car is fueled by propane but we’re not talking about the stuff that fires up your grill. Rather this is a special liquid propane that is injected into the engine. Sound unbelievable? Well, it gets better.

ProPane is a unique car in many ways. Not only is it fueled in an unconventional way, it’s also a one-of-a-kind vehicle designed and commissioned by none other than Mothers Polish.

With Mothers’ own Jim Holloway leading the team, the Chevelle was constructed with only the best parts available at the hands of some very talented builders.

The chassis work was performed by Johnny O of Obrothers Design, who also supplied the car with custom upper and lower control arms, and a Tilton/Obrothers Design integrated master cylinder pedal box.

Adding to the chassis of the Chevelle is an integrated 10-point roll cage, hypercoil springs, Flaming River steering system, Penske Racing 8300 shocks with reservoirs, a Speedway Engineering differential, ACPT carbon fiber driveshaft, and Baer Brakes 6-piston mono block calipers.

As for the powertrain that the chassis and suspension support, it features a GM LSX 454 crate engine with an 11:1 compression ratio. A Magnuson supercharger, Wegner Motorsports engine pulley front drive accessory kit, Holley Dominator ECU, custom Magnaflow headers by Richard Waits that dump into a Magnaflow exhaust with custom mufflers, and a Mattson intercooler and custom radiator cooling help the car reach power outputs of 925hp at 5,900 RPM and 954.8 ft-lbs of torque at 3,500 RPM.

Fueling the engine is a Propane Performance Industries 9-inch, 6-cell conformable dual-flanged tank system attached to a PEG Propane Edge Group 16-injector rail, high-performance injection system and Dual Jet Pump with dual BTVA supply controllers.

To get the Chevelle’s massive power potential to the ground, the car is equipped with a G-Force T-56 six-speed transmission rated to 1,200hp, a Centerforce flywheel and a Centerforce Dual Disc clutch. Asphalt sticking power comes compliments of custom wheels and Pirelli P-Zero tires.

While the Chevelle is mighty impressive in its mechanics, so to is it on the aesthetic front. With custom body modifications and a white and silver BASF paint scheme with red accents by Chris Guinn and Spade Brothers, this Chevelle stands out as a unique piece of work even before knowing about the fuel system. The exterior of the car also features restored trim and chrome pieces by Artistic Plating, and other restoration products by OPG and Goodmark.

To compliment the exterior, the interior of the ProPane Chevelle was also customized. Inside you’ll find custom upholstery by Griffen Interiors using Katzkin hides over Cobra seats. You’ll also find components like door handles and a steering wheel from Billet Specialties, a Vintage Air ac system, Auto Meter Phantom Series gauge work, a customized dash by Red Line Gauges and an Arc Audio Components sound system installed by Audio Shoppe.

The Mothers Polish ProPane Chevelle is an extremely unique vehicle that demonstrates the potential of using alternative fuels in builds. After all, who would’ve guessed that you could have a 900+hp classic muscle car powered by propane? Great idea, great design, and an even greater execution!

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