At every level of drag racing having access to accurate data is what can make the difference between winning on a regular basis and going home early each weekend at the track. There are countless items and processes in a race car that can be monitored, so knowing what to look at is just as important as monitoring the data, and that’s where Racepak comes in. Racepak sells an array of data logging products and now offers a free eight-week webinar series on Facebook that shows how to use many of their amazing products.

Using a data logger or dash can seem like an intimidating task to a first time user when beginning the process of trying to learn how to set up their new system. Besides all of the wiring and hardware, the racer must learn how to use Racepak’s DataLink II software so they can make the sensors, dash, and data logger all speak to each other. To help with that process, Racepak provides a plethora of information sources to their customers, including a staff of experts that are a phone call away, factory-trained dealers, and a stocked library of YouTube videos that have tons of great information.

Racepack Prduct Shoot

To take customer support to the next level, Racepak is offering an eight-week webinar series on Facebook to help customers with their products. According to RacePak’s Chris Vopat, this series is designed to help customers gain a better understanding of the products through interaction.

“While the webinars provide detailed information, they also provide the advantage of allowing viewers to ask questions during the webcast and get live responses. As with Racepak’s YouTube videos, the webinars will continue to provide information by remaining viewable on Racepak’s Facebook page.”

You can see the full schedule of free webinars right here and what all will be covered. To see the webinars live or the video replays head over to Racepak’s Facebook page right here.