Rare And Wicked: A Well-Bought 2012 Caddy CTS-V Wagon

A recent post on Bring a Trailer.com showcased a very special and rare Cadillac. The machine in question was a mint condition and seemingly unmolested 2012 CTS-V wagon with 41k on the clock-dressed in sinister black with equally evil 19-inch graphite wheels and not-so-often-ordered yellow brake calipers. Even more significant, the luxury-laden and high-tech wonder wagon was fitted with a six-speed manual, to better wield the immense power of the 556-hp 6.2L supercharged LSA V8 lurking under it’s bulged hood.

Inside the V-wagon’s Light Titanium interior, race-inspired leather/suede Recaro seats hold the pilot in during g-force-level maneuvers and an alcantara steering wheel and shifter provide soft yet precise control. And yet another nod to its uniqueness, this particular V2 came from the factory-sunroof-free.

As for the breakdown of rarity, according to the GM Heritage Center’s esteemed lead archivist Christo Datini, here are reliable production numbers for the 2011-’14 CTS-V wagon and it’s coupe/sedan siblings, based on GMs internal sales and data reporting.

In total, there were 1,764 CTS-V wagons built for the 2011-’14 model years, of which 575 were built in our sale car’s year of 2012. All-tolled, 8,567 CTS-V coupes were built from 2011-’15 and 10,764 CTS-V sedans from 2009-’14. As you can see, the wagon is the scarcest of the V2 cars, accounting for just around 8.5 percent of total 2009-’15 CTS-V production. Factoring-in our car’s six-speed, graphite wheels/yellow calipers, light interior and sunroof delete, it’s rarity is definitely kicked-up a few notches. And according to the seller, this is one of 514 six-speed stick-shifted CTS-V wagons made, of which 180 came with a closed roof.

Reported as sold soon after appearing on Bring a Trailer, it’s obvious, some smart Caddy/LS/CTS-V fan not only brought his/her trailer, but the fair amount of 53k-asked to attain the rare and wicked wagon. In the opinion of this author, this well-bought, soon to be classic Caddy muscle wagon’s “V” stands for “V”isceral, “V”elocity and “V”alue…I’ll take the Sedan in Grey.



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