Rear-Drive Chevy Sedan Moving Forward

The short-lived 1994-96 Impala SS was, until recently, Chevrolet’s last great V8-powered rear-wheel drive sedan. Prior to that, many American manufacturers moved from large engine, rear-drive platforms to smaller front-drive platforms in an effort to meet fuel economy standards. Since then, there have been a handful of attempts to rekindle the market segment, like the 2002-04 Mercury Marauder, and 2009 Pontiac G8, but nothing really stuck.

GM however, seems to be moving full steam ahead with its plan to bring a new, full-size rear-wheel drive sedan back for both Chevy and Cadillac, according to Motor Trend.

Currently Chevy plans to import its Caprice PPV rear-wheel drive sedan for police use only. This car is based on the Zeta platform, which underpins the Camaro and the aforementioned Pontiac G8. Motor Trend reports that GM will update the aging Zeta platform with high-strength steel to bring down weight and help fuel economy. This car will share its platform with a new rear-drive Cadillac flagship (likely based XTS concept from last year), powered by a V8. It sounds like the public will indeed get its own version of the Chevy Caprice.

Does this mean the return of once-great Chevys like the Impala and Chevelle Super Sport? We certainly hope so.

Buick will also likely get its own version of this rear-drive sedan, as the Cadillac version will be priced anywhere from $125,000 to $150,000. The Chevy version should come in under $50,000, with a Buick flagship situated somewhere in the middle. Of course, all of this is speculation from unnamed sources. We think it is time to bring back the Impala SS on this new rear-drive platform and do away with the lackluster Malibu-based version of the current Impala. GM does have a slew of classic names to draw on though, including Bel Air, Chevelle, and many many others. What would you name a new Chevy rear-drive car?

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