Redline Motorsports, the minds behind the rebirth of the Baldwin-Motion Camaros with the 5th Gen, recently sent us a press release outlining their plans to produce their own special edition ZL1 Camaro that will be dubbed the “ZLR”. Like the Motion Performance Camaros, the ZLR will also be available through select Chevy dealerships, and will carry a warranty. Howard Tanner, CEO of Redline Motorsports says, “The ZLR program fits nicely in our lineup as Chevrolet has designed a great platform for us to elevate the ZL1 to an even higher standard.”

The pictures you see here are renderings of what we can expect from the ZLR once Redline has them ready to hit the streets. Redline reports that the 5-spoke concave wheels you see in the renderings are already in production, and once they get their stock ZL1 test car from GM, they will begin working the on the modified body components.

Sounds great, but we know what you’re really looking for; the power numbers. As you would expect from any car coming from Redline, the ZLR will get a significant bump in horsepower from the ZL1’s stock 580. They don’t go into any details, but Redline tells us that the ZLR will have over 750 supercharged horsepower.

They tell us that the their special edition ZL1 should hit dealerships by this summer, just in time to take on the 650 horsepower Shelby GT500, so watch for more updates on the Redline ZLR in the coming months.