We’ve seen our share of retro-reskinned Corvettes. Some have been pretty cool, others have been…well, not so cool. Many have tried to use today’s modern Corvettes as platforms for the all-American sport car’s earliest years and while the efforts are valiant, they simply don’t look right. Well, we caught this C3R Corvette Stingray Concept by Christian Cyrulewski over on AmCar Guide and were wholly impressed, even though its still a CG rendering and not a functioning kit car.

Images: AmCar Guide

Christian’s design is obviously inspired by C3 Corvette while taking some artistic liberty and adding some modern and noticeable perspectives in his design. Christian’s modern take on the C3 Sting Ray is true to the slick sports car’s lines and cues while retaining the dimensions and platform of the current C6. If this was a real kit, we guarantee a lot of Corvette guys out there would go nuts for this.