There is so much glitz going down in South Florida these days that, to be outstanding, you gotta be out of this world. It doesn’t really matter whether we’re talking about the club scene or car shows, it’s all about being seen.

So it is for this hugely modified 2010 Camaro SS that has been touring the show scene of late. This is certainly one that you’re not going to see everywhere, but when you do, you’re unlikely to miss it. Decked out in Candy Apple green paint and a set of 30-inch chrome-plated spinner rims with Toyo Proxes 265/25ZR30 tires, the external view of this Bowtie only hints at the total story.

The 2010 Riding Big car show brought out the state’s donks, boxes, and bubbles alike to the Magic Mall Plaza in Orlando, Florida. We’ve said before that when you’re building a true show car, the best attitude to take is to go big or go home, and it seems that there weren’t too many cars going home from this gathering. Check out the inside of a custom Dodge Charger from the same show, below.

Now, if you can’t get enough of this car, you can check out more videos from the Florida Classic 2010 Series on YouTube. Whether you “get it” or not, it looks like the donks have carved out an automotive niche for themselves. One thing is for sure, these folks don’t have to worry too much over speed bumps.